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Solar Eclipse May 20!

OMG I am accidentally a genius

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I was idly browsing the National Park Service website this evening, as one does when one is obsessed with planning a giant roadtrop, when I stumbled over this page:


Ohhh, holy moly! How is it possible that I did not realize that, on the same trip during which we are visiting not one but two Space Centers, and for which I have purchased the first telescope I've had since I was a kid (an Orion SkyScanner I nabbed on eBay), there is a beautiful solar eclipse occurring? Imagine my ecstasy when I realized that we are going to be in *exactly* the right place at *exactly* the right time (if we pace ourselves)!


On May 20, we will be traveling through Arizona from New Mexico to Utah, and in the early evening, we will be somewhere around Canyon de Chelly National Monument. The annular eclipse begins at 6:30PM. Perfect.

I just picked up some Mylar to make my own solar filter. We already have a T-ring attachment for Matt's T2i, so expect lots of pictures.

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It's an annular eclipse, so don't expect to see the Sun's corona, like you would with a total eclipse. Still very cool though. I've never seen either type, only partials.

by etacar11

Yeah, it would have been cooler if it were going to be a total eclipse, but hey, the coincidence of being right in the path of the full annularity is good enough for me! Totally just bought a pair of welding goggles and shade 14 lenses so I can look at it without the telescope. Also, they make a great steampunk costume accessory.

by mormolyke

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