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Retrofitting a bed into the back of our Magnum, part 2

I bought a new four-inch foam mattress for $80 on eBay. I was thinking about sourcing one secondhand on Craigslist, but then recalled a very unfortunate incident involving bedbugs that occurred when we went to Egypt in 2010. Just thinking about it still makes me crazy. With the help of a cheap electric carving knife, we cut the foam down to size (39"x71").

Remains of the foam mattress

Remains of the foam mattress

Foam is kind of gross to sleep on by itself, so I pulled out some upholstery material I have lying around that I can't even remember buying (it must have been an awesome deal, because it's horribly seventies-licious and I have a LOT of it; I think we used it as a drop cloth in Downingtown at some point) and whipped up a cover today. I wanted to be able to take the cover off to wash, but I didn't have a giganto zipper, so I made do with some of my corsetry supplies.


I was pretty excited to install the finished product in the Magnum, especially since it's a gorgeous day which doesn't even warrant the use of a sweater, let alone a coat.


Here it is with just the sheets:


And here with the double-sized beach towel I found at a bargain price, multi-purposed as a blanket. I love terry cloth blankets -- they're mostly a Chinese thing, and I grew up with them -- but they're next to impossible to find in America, so I have to make do with gaudy branded creations marked down on sale.

Magnum bed by Lacoste (not really)

Magnum bed by Lacoste (not really)


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Melissa, I'm a native Californian. I have family in Fresno and I can't for the life of me figure out why you are going to Fresno and not San Francisco. This is your trip. But if you decide to come to the Bay Area, I have a guest room, you can totally stay with me near Berkeley if you want. My website is Stuffola.net, I swear I'm not an axe murder. Found this blog via the Ikea Hackers site. Have never done any long road trips. This one sounds awesome, even if you do, tragically, decide to skip SF.


by Deborah B

Hi Deborah! Thanks for dropping by :)

Believe me, my husband and I LOVE San Francisco! I actually think it might be the city in America that reminds me the most of my native land, Australia (although Australia tends to be a lot flatter!).

In fact, we love SF so much, we are flying there for a mini vacation this April, which is the only reason we are bypassing it on our roadtrip. Actually, it's kind of a working vacation: Chanticleer are premiering one of my pieces (I'm a composer - see http://www.chanticleer.org/concerts-and-tickets/ for details on the concert). I'm excited for that trip too!

We would probably hit SF again on the roadtrop if we had six weeks instead of five. Maybe if Yosemite floods or catches fire, we'll divert :)

by mormolyke

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